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BE THE MAN YOU WANT TO BE AND PLEASE HAVE SEX WITH ME / Some little basic stats about me: Sexual Orientation: HOMO Nappy Hair Brown Eyes Body Type: Athletic Position: Bottom Weight: 150 lbs. Height: 5’ 10" Race: Black Age: 26 /
Turn Ons: ? Rating: 9.69 Offline / Sexy Zodiac Sign: Libra Languages: English Favorite Color: Orange \ Honestly, I get turned on when I turn on other MEN. =)  Welcome to my room feel free to call me Slice guys! I've put together this interactive show and these stories for you. Remember, if you enjoyed the show or the stories below, be sure to follow me and turn on your notifications for more! / Slicington's A Slave To His Demon Masters                                       Slicington's Harem Of Brown Skinned Angels
Eyeing the hallway leading up to the intricately wrought                    Back out in the desert again, in attempt to find iron door carefully Slicington calmly readied himself.                         some ancient artifact, Slicington finds himself The demon waiting inside was the one he had                                   under an overhanging rock where him and a friend been contracted to kill by the nearby village.                                      was fucking a few days ago. He smiled at the A bounty of 100 gold coins seemed excessive                                   memory and rubbed his crotch. He took off his for a demon that never left it's inner sanctum                                     backpack, his hat, and his sunglasses, and put or attacked the village itself but money was money.                           them in a shaded area. Slicington looked around                                                                                                             and saw that no one else was in sight. As usual, he The only warning about the bounty was the rumor                             was the only one out here in the midday heat. that looking into the eyes of the demon would                                    With a sly smile, he unbuttoned his shorts and mean instant death. Slicington chuckled to himself,                           shirt and tucked them away too. The whiteness of he had faced similar monsters before and he had                              the skin round his waist was a sharp contrast to come fully prepared. A well polished iron mirror                                  the rest of his suntanned body. Naked except for shield and his trusty sword would make short work                            his desert boots, he made his way further along of whatever lay beyond that door.                                                       the rock wall. The heat on his firm body turned                                                                                                             him on, his dick swinging in the soft wind, leaking Inspecting himself in the shield's surface to make                              clear cream as he continued his search. He was sure it was of perfect condition he saw a light-                                   determined not to be distracted this time. At least skinned black man of 25 years looking back at him.                          not yet..   Short dark hair and dark brown colored eyes                                         Slicing had a slim athletic build and a height of 5                               Suddenly, Slicington step****n a loose rock and feet 10 inches. His armor was plain looking but of                              slid downward. He didn't have time to do anything the highest quality, providing him good protection                              except try to stop his fall, but it seemed while all the mobility he needed to cut down his                                 impossible. However, after just a few feet, prey.                                                                                                    Slicington landed on a very narrow ledge. He                                                                                                             picked himself up and checked himself out. Making sure the shield was firmly tied in place                                   Luckily, there were only a couple of scratches. Slicing approached the large iron door in front of                               Looking up, he saw that returning to the path was him. While hard to see at a distance, up close it                                almost impossible, even though it was only a short was covered in intricate runes, some kind of seal                              distance away, because the rock wall was angled perhaps. Giving it a firm push it slowly opened into                            up and outward. In fact, it was a miracle he had the room beyond.                                                                                landed on the ledge, and not many feet lower on                                                                                                             the floor of the valley, where he would have The chamber itself was magnificent, a massive                                 broken his back. He started to take stock of his circular arena with tall spherical pillars sprouting                               surroundings. A moment later, he was chuckling; up at regular intervals throughout it. The opposite                             he put his backpack on the path above, and now end of the chamber held a similar looking door,                                 he couldn't do anything about his nudity. perhaps leading to some kind of treasure room.                                        
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